Favorite Rae x Finn moments/scenes: [2/?]


get to know me meme  [2/5] favorite male characters → finn nelson (mmfd)

Tonights goal: Stay up until 9. I’ve fallen asleep at like 8:30 the past two nights.

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The only good thing about having to be at work at 6 am on Sunday is I get an hour of peace and quiet because everyone is still sleeping. but somehow my dad always wakes up at like 5:15.

NO PLEASE. can’t you at least stay in your bed for a little while longer. 

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i’m so frustrated with people. I just want everything to stop, like where’s the pause button. 

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Someone i work with is going through my facebook and bringing things i post on there into work and complaining about things. 

Tumblr: Only a heartless person would scroll pa-
Me: *Scrolls past*

Sam Hunt.

This artist. 

like damn he has 5 songs and they are all on point. 

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The best thing about Girl Meets World is that Cory is the exact same as he was in Boy Meets World. 

Title: Classic

Artist: MKTO

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